At the turn of the 20th century, the greatest beauty of her day was Gladys Deacon. Born in Boston to a ferociously ambitious mother, Florence Deacon knew that her daughter’s face was the family’s sole escape from scandal. Her husband, driven mad by Florence’s ceaseless affairs, had finally succumbed to anger and shot dead her most recent young lover. Taking Gladys fast to London, Florence launches her spectacular daughter into the heart of the debutant scene, determined to secure the greatest prize — marriage to the Duke of Malborough.

But what begins as a story of love, betrayal and intrigue soon twists into a profound mystery, as Gladys suddenly disappears from society. Six decades later, a young journalist, Gwen Heather, sets out to discover the truth. What happened to this most famous beauty?

As she hunts down each piece of the story, Gwen discovers more than she could have ever imagined. A tale of destruction and horrific fate. Based on real events, RAVISHING is a timeless story, unravelling the ideals of beauty and its inevitable corruption.



Period: Early 1900’s

Based on True Story

setting: Boston, London, Paris

Production Status: Pre-Production


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