location filming

Take advantage of the great outdoors

One of Cumbria Film Studio’s greatest selling points is of course its position. A plethora of spectacular and diverse locations lie within touching distance and a once barren land has now been united with an operating base capable of meeting the needs of any scale of production shooting in and around England’s largest national park.

More explicitly, the area offers everything from the more traditional gritty urban backdrops and industrial zones to coastal dunes, striking cliffs, magnificent castles and England’s tallest peaks, meaning there is endless scope for the abundance of opportunities offered across this massive rural expanse.

studio one

Our large, multi-discipline arts studio

This ground floor studio serves as a multi-functional space; whilst primarily created for productions, the large room can also be utilised as a rehearsal area, a large art and photographic exhibition or for dance classes. Storage space below allows for Studio One to be quickly adapted, divided or cleared.

Working in conjunction with Studio Two, the space can function as a holding area, rehearsal room  or primary audition room.

studio two

our creative hub

Studio Two is the core space for film, TV and photographic production. The hub of the building, the studio is ideal for Green Screen SFX, TV & feature films, auditions, music videos, commercials, corporate shorts and product videos.

A live monitoring booth sits perpendicular to the set allowing for instantaneous control and communication during shoots. The booth is equipped with shutters to allow for a less encroaching environment during intimate scenes. Studio Two is further connected to the editing suite (more information below). On the same floor are make-up & hair, quick change rooms and toilets.

sound suite

our in-house acoustic chamber

The sound recording studio is found on the east wing of the lower ground floor. Situated in a position that ensures complete isolation from outside acoustic interference, the live room is capable of accommodating a full band. A separate sound booth is available in a connected room and was developed specifically for ADR and similar activities.


We have the resources to guarantee a streamlined production



A spacious corner room adjacent to Studio Two, the Editing Suite holds four workstations. Working with Apple hardware and Blackmagic software, all production editing can be carried out in house.



The cinema room seats up to 10 individuals and is located on the west wing of the lower ground floor. Ideal for reviewing the day’s takes or equally as a breakout room, the screening room is an excellent facility to help streamline a production.


hair & make-up

Hair, make-up and quick change facilities are all located onsite across the first floor of the building, positioned conveniently for any production taking place.

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